Our Approach – Combination Therapy


Synergistic Effects of Combination Therapies

While our preclinical and clinical studies have shown increased levels of antigen-specific CD4 and CD-8 cells with the administration of our antibodies, we have found that clinical benefit requires additional agents to be used in combination to combat immune suppression associated with cancer. This finding has given rise to our combinatorial strategy in which we have administered our antibodies in combination with chemotherapeutic agents. We have shown both preclinically and clinically that the combination of our antigen-specific antibodies and certain chemotherapeutic agents have a synergistic effect on both response and clinical outcome.

We have generated clinical data in both ovarian and pancreatic cancer using oregovomab and our anti-MUC1 antibody in combination with chemotherapeutic protocols. We have been able to demonstrate that various chemotherapeutic agents can suppress T-reg cells at the site of the disease, and in the tumor microenvironment, reduce immune suppressive cytokines and dampen myeloid derived suppressor cells, thereby enhancing the immuno-stimulatory effects of our antigen-specific antibodies.

We have also generated a significant amount of preclinical data studying our antibodies with other immune-modulatory agents such as checkpoint inhibitors and adjuvants and are currently conducting several proof-of-concept clinical trials to ascertain the most clinically effective ways to utilize these combinations.

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